Brewery X

First up is Brewery X, arguably one of the hottest new names in Ontario’s craft beer game. This hip, industrial-chic taproom and brewery is located right in historic downtown Ontario, just a stone’s throw from the Convention Center. Despite only opening in 2018, Brewery X has already racked up awards and mad respect for their hoppy West Coast IPAs and addictively smooth stouts. The brewmasters here don’t mess around – they take their craft seriously while still keeping a laid-back, welcoming vibe. Sip your beer in the sleek indoor taproom or grab a spot on the dog-friendly patio when the weather is perfect (which, let’s be real, is like 95% of the time here in sunny Ontario). Whether you go for a classic IPA, an adventurous sour, or one of their rotating seasonal blends, the fresh, high-quality brews at Brewery X are sure to blow your mind.

Slingshot Brewhouse

For a true taste of Ontario’s brewing talents, don’t miss the Slingshot Brewhouse. This unassuming spot may look like just another industrial parkbrew house from the outside, but step inside and you’ll find a downright welcoming neighborhood hangout. Slingshot prides themselves on their friendly service, cozy rustic-meets-modern vibes, and of course – their deliciously crisp and creative beers. The brewmasters here aren’t afraid to experiment, so you’ll always find a few unique fusion brews and creative takes on classic styles on the rotating tap list. Whether you favor ales, lagers, sours, or stouts, Slingshot’s got something to slake your thirst. Their flagship West Coast IPA is a must-try, but don’t sleep on their killer hazy IPAs and seasonal fruit ales either. Kick back on the spacious patio with a cold one and some killer pub grub – the perfect way to spend a sunny Ontario afternoon.

Euryale Brewing Company

In the mood for brews with an adventurous twist? Make your way to Euryale Brewing Company, where they’re always pushing the boundaries of what a craft beer can be. This funky little brewhouse specializes in mixed fermentation ales, barrel-aged sours, and beers made with wild yeasts and bacteria. In other words – brews that are just a little bit weird in the most delightfully complex, flavorful way. Don’t be intimidated though, the chill staff and cozy taproom ambiance make Euryale an inviting place for beer newcomers and old hands alike. Even if sours and wild ales aren’t typically your jam, you’ve gotta respect the art and meticulous craft that goes into each of Euryale’s unique offerings. From subtly tart goses to mind-bendingly intricate mixed fermentation ales aged in oak barrels, there’s a brave new flavor frontier waiting for you here. Feeling really bold? Go for one of their bottle-conditioned vintage ales for a true journey into the wild world of funky fermentation.

Upland Brew House

Craving a casual, low-key brew house vibe with high-quality beers to match? Upland Brew House has you covered. This local favorite does a little bit of everything – classic ales, approachable lagers, hop-forward IPAs, rich stouts – and they do it all exceptionally well. You’ll find plenty of laid-back locals hanging out in Upland’s signature beer garden, happily sipping away at their go-to brew. Don’t miss the flagship Upland Pale Ale, an easy-drinking West Coast-style pale that’s become a staple around these parts. Looking for something a bit bolder? Their hop-hurricanes like the Revolver Hazy IPA and Double Foam Dwyer Double IPA are juicy, aromatic showstoppers that’ll knock your summertime beer-drinking socks off. From their always-rotating seasonal specialties to the fan-favorite flagship brews, Upland excels at brewing highly drinkable, flavorful craft beers for any taste. Pair it all with their solid pub grub menu and it’s the perfect laid-back brewhouse experience.

Deliquescence Brewery

If you take your beer seriously – like, really seriously – make a beeline for Deliquescence Brewery in downtown Ontario. This ultra-hip, minimalist brewery is all about brewing world-class, award-winning beers using only the finest artisanal ingredients and innovative techniques. From their experimental hazy IPAs to their legendary double-fermented Belgian Quad aged in wine barrels, Deliquescence is where the beer snobs and craft connoisseurs come to geek out over every nuanced flavor note. It’s not just hype either – the brewers here have serious chops, with resumes that include stints at some of the best breweries in California and beyond. You can taste that top-tier craftsmanship in every sip, whether you opt for one of their nuanced oak-aged sours or an ultra-juicy New England-style IPA. Sure, their brews come with a steeper price tag, but if you appreciate high-caliber beer artistry it’s well worth the splurge. Just be sure to pay attention and savor every sip – these are complex, meticulously crafted beers that deserve to be experienced mindfully.

Benchmark Brew Works

For many Ontario locals, Benchmark Brew Works is the go-to brewery. This ultra-chill neighborhood taproom takes a quality-over-quantity approach, focusing on brewing a tight lineup of outstanding flagship beers and rotating one-off specialties. What makes Benchmark extra special, though, is the warm, welcoming, and downright fun atmosphere. From the lively community vibe to the quirky decor (vintage SoCal license plates, anyone?), this is a place where you’ll feel at home from the moment you walk through the door. The beers don’t disappoint either – Benchmark’s award-winning Numskull IPA puts a bold West Coast spin on the style with its bright hop aromas and balanced bitterness. Looking for something lighter? The buzz-worthy Golden State of Mind lager is a showstopper take on a crisp, easy-drinking golden lager. Whatever your preferred brew, Benchmark has a fan favorite waiting for you, best enjoyed while watching the game, playing a round of cornhole, or just kicking it on the sunny patio.

Ritual Brewing Co.

You can’t fully experience Ontario’s burgeoning craft brew scene without a visit to one of its true OGs – Ritual Brewing Co. As one of the area’s first production breweries when it opened back in 2011, Ritual helped kickstart the local beer movement and they’ve continued to lead the way with their top-quality brews and community-focused spirit. These days, the bright, airy taproom hums with life as drinkers flock to sample Ritual’s ever-rotating lineup of flagship beers, creative seasonals, and barrel-aged specialties. From crisp session lagers to cult-favorite pastry stouts, Ritual has brews to delight every palate. For a taste of their origins, don’t miss iconic classics like the Cosmic Ritual IPA and Rad Bro hibiscus Berliner weisse. In the mood for an off-the-wall sensation? Keep an eye out for their boundary-pushing specialties like the Stoke Stoppers vanilla chai stout and highly sought-after barrel-aged blends. However you choose to experience Ritual’s brews, you’re tasting a true slice of Ontario’s deeply ingrained craft beer history.

Take A Bus to Visit Any Brewery!

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